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I live in Teesdale and design and develop websites. For many years I have made them as a volunteer and am now making them professionally.


I hope you enjoy this website. It is fully responsive and will work across all computer types.


Sincerely, Jamie McBain

I Can Provide Full Websites


If you need a website then please contact me.


I am providing websites for many organisations across the world.


I provide responsive websites that will show on any device from the smartphone and tablet computers up to laptop and desktop devices.


Please have a look at my portfolio below and send me an email about your new project.


If you need help getting you organisation online then I am the person to contact.


McBainSites is now providing full websites.

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Latest Project


My latest project is the Teesdale Fitness website.


This was provided to Alex Wainwright to promote his new business in Sports Massage.

Newest Web Design Agency


I have just started to make websites for people as a professional. Please enjoy the rest of this website.


Jamie McBain

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Jamie McBain


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